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Advantage Training Plus offers professional development training in the following areas:

  •    Leadership development
  •    Customer service training
  •    Communication improvement
  •    Strength assessment

Training is an essential part of personal and professional development necessary to maximize the benefits both at the organizational and personal level. A few of the benefits include:

  •    Improve customer service
  •    Increase customer base
  •    Drive profitability upward
  •    Reduce employee turnover
  •    Improve inter-office and personal communication skills
  •    Increase personal wellbeing
  •    Save on healthcare costs

The above training can be taught as an individual strength, or combined into an all inclusive training package. However, to receive the full advantage of the training, each area should be addressed.

The areas of emphasis are:

Know Your Strengths-Finding, naming, and developing strengths, learn to use those strengths to lead others.  

Communication-Learn how to be an effective communicator when talking to co-workers, customers, and clients.

Listening Skills-Learn the difference between hearing and effective listening. How to apply this skill to build customer trust, and employees feel they are working in a communication-friendly environment.

Express Yourself with Integrity-Learn how to lead with a clear conscience, trust, and credibility. Leadership integrity fosters deeper employee commitment, lower turnover rates, superior customer service, and organizational stability.

Acknowledge-Explain the key elements of acknowledgement to effectively maximize the benefits for everyone involved in the organization.

Serve-Encourage a greater understanding of organizational and social issues, civic responsibility, and caring.

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